About Us

“My parents had a restaurant and i used to help them, my kidz saw me how much i loved to invite my family and friends for dinners, they encouraged me to start a business, the name Poncho was chosen by my beloved son Carlos, he loved to wear them and they are one of the many Mexican Icons, my daughter draw the logo and Eddie and Jason complete the team with their media and business knowledge, my friend Ed from Id Signs kindly donate the decals, Louise and Jesse designed our webpage, and i put all my love to gather authentic ingredients and recipes

Poncho started to trade with a trailer and a few months later add a truck to the business, we’ve been trading since the 5th of December 2016

It is my intention to cook the family original recipes, the chosen meals by my family and friends, making our contribution to our world by looking after the environment with biodegradable packaging, affordable meals and best quality.” Thank you all for your continued support, my meals have been very well accepted by the public.

– Jenny Rojas-Martinez

Our Motto

Fresh food, friendly to the environment, affordable and enjoyable, and cooked with lots of love.



Gold Coast / Brisbane

p: +61 422  564 222
e: ponchofoodtruck@gmail.com
w: ponchomexicanstreetfood.com.au

f: ponchofoodtruck



w: www.poncho4tk.com/